Jump Outside Yourself

Joy breaks through all barriers, including our inner "walls". Indeed, Moshiach is described as the one who breaks through barriers. He will lead the people out of their internal exiles once their joy pierces these "walls". It is possible to experience joy at this very moment, because Moshiach's final revelation is not a dream of the far off future, but an immediate reality. The very thought of how close it is should bring joy to our hearts.

God doesn't want us just to open up the potential that lies beyond the conscious self with simple joy. Because this approach is still limited. He wants from us much more - unbounded joy, with which it is possible to reach the unbounded self and go all the way to the Unlimited Source, the revelation of the Essence.

As was explained before the unique soul of Moshiach comes from Divine Essence. At this level, life and death are equal. In fact this Essence transcends all limitations, for the soul of this Essence, the miraculous and the natural are equal and coexists. It follows that the life of Moshiach, although enclosed in nature, is completely above the laws of nature and therefore, he is the only one who can usher everlasting life.

Unlike the time of crossing of the Red Sea, when the Jews had to have the leap of faith for the waters to split (and they did), today we all need QUANTUM LEAP OF FAITH to welcome and crown the "concealed" Moshiach by proclaiming "Long live the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach for ever & ever!"

The festival commemorating The Jewish people's liberation out of Egyptian slavery to become free people is commonly known as Pesach (Passover), or literally translated from Hebrew - "jump over". Unlike walking or running, jumping, in which both feet leave the ground, implies a break from the past - a quantum leap rather than an incremental step, a transformation rather than increasing change. Because in the past People Are Still Talking about freedom. But when you joyously quantum leap to Heaven (connect to Essence) using the Password to Freedom, you will land on the ground not as a prisoner bound by fears and hesitations, but as free human being establishing the Truth with both feet firmly on the ground.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach says to live with the Age of Happiness and Joy. He explains that to get used to this New World we have to accustom ourselves to be in a constant state of unlimited joy with dancing and singing for Redemption.The Prophet gives us a simple solution - don't try to think your way to freedom, just celebrate Redemption as if it's already here. Because all the words in the world are worthless unless they bring to real action and that's the main thing.

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Honk 4 Joy - Jump Outside Yourself: Dance to Freedom
Joy breaks through all barriers, including our inner 'walls'.