These are smaller pieces of a bigger picture:

Each one of the concepts below was started by a single individual wanting
to change the world for better with simple, easy and universal messages.
They all became global phenomena in a relatively short time.

  • Laughing Yoga:

    Laugh for no reason regardless of your language, background, age,
    religion and beliefs. Let there be no discrimination on any grounds.
    Achieve world peace and unity through laughter.
    That's right...just go ahead and laugh.......

  • The Shift Movement:

    The Shift Movie about the Shift Movement raises awareness about our roles in an evolutionary shift in our collective consciousness. As it chronicles the faces, the stories and the leaders assisting in this global transformation, the film reveals it's emergence and meaning.

  • Playing For Change:

    Multimedia movement to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music, which has the power to break down boundaries, transcend and unite us as one human race.

  • "The Secret ":

    A law of attraction... The way to dream fulfillment available for all...

  • Free Hugs Campaign:

    International kindness initiative... Simply offering a stranger a hug
    with a laugh or a smile... True spirit of humanity...
    You get what you give...

One thing common for all of them: finite beings dreaming of unlimited joy, love, health and prosperity. The simple solution - to tap into The Unlimited Source!

"Honk4Joy" is the global network empowering people to awaken and to see the true reality of our existence - perfect world of Messiah by using the password to freedom. Simple to understand and easy to access, its applications are universal and rewards are immediate and long-lasting. But most of all, whether you believe it or not, understand it or not - it just works! This is your key to the revelation of the Essence, and that's everything.

There are NO restrictions or joining fees, with one essential: intense desire to celebrate Redemption which is already here! People rarely wait for 100% guarantees. We put our lives in hands of doctors, brokers, etc. because we trust their credentials and expertize. But when it comes to a simple instruction from a Prophet, people insist on 100% proof that this is really what God wants them to do!

Would you trust a "Forecaster" who has been accurate over 40 years without fail? Wouldn't you get excited if this man announced vitally important information that could benefit you and everyone for generations? What is more, by publicizing this information to others, you could actually speed up the process!

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Since the beginning of Creation, this knowledge was waiting for the right time.
Since this moment has arrived, all you have to do is ask and get ready for it on our website.

We will share with you clear and powerful messages from a modern day proven prophet of biblical proportions. He urged everyone to publicize this information worldwide in accordance with his motto:

"No man can claim to have reached the ultimate truth as long as there is another who has not. No one is free until we are all free. Ultimate truth is an unlimited light - and if it is unlimited, how could it shine for one person and not for another?"

A famous American author came for a private audience with this man. As he left the office, the author turned to the prophet's disciples, and accused them: "You are thieves, stealing from everyone! You have taken this man for your own! But he is the leader of the entire world!" This site was designed keeping that incident in mind.

We are inviting you, a finite being, to join the universal solution by contacting The Unlimited Source.

Join many others in the Global Email:

"Petition to God"

No more waiting - start celebrating the Age of Happiness and Joy!

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...Finite beings dreaming of unlimited joy, love, health and prosperity. The simple solution - to tap into The Unlimited Source!...