"Moshiach Now" Campaign

A noted Rabbi came to the Lubavitcher Rebbe and asked for an explanation of the purpose of the Moshiach Now campaign. The Rebbe did not reply and shifted the conversation to a free-loan fund which this Rabbi managed. "Would you give a loan to so-and-so?" the Rebbe asked. "I didn't know that he was in financial difficulty" the Rabbi answered. "I'd be happy to help him." "Would you extend the loan until Moshiach comes?" The Rabbi hesitated. "My goal in the Moshiach Now campaign," the Rebbe continued, "is to eliminate this hesitation."

Kabbalah of Moshiach

It's not by chance, that lately there is an unprecedented interest in learning Kabbalah - the soul of the Torah and its inner, mystical, hidden dimension. Why now more then ever before?

The Rebbe clearly stated as a fact that the "physicality of the world is completely purified and refined, making it a "vessel" receptive to all the spiritual lights and concepts, primarily the light of Moshiach and Redemption. And the only thing missing is opening our eyes! We must study the Torah of Moshiach (Kabbalistic and Chassidic meaning) in a way of seeing."

The Rebbe charged us with the last and final campaign of all campaigns -
Kabbalat Pnei Moshiach. Translated from Hebrew - welcome/greet/accept/ or, literally, receive the face/receive the inner quality of Moshiach. So the real reason behind so many people around the world are learning Kabbalah is to open their eyes and welcome King Moshiach.

Royal Welcome

"The appointment of King Moshiach has already occurred, as is written "I have found my servant David, I have anointed him with Holy oil" (Psalm 89), and there needs only to be the acceptance of his kingship by the people and the connection between the king and the people in complete revelation."

One would think that once King Moshiach is Divinely chosen and anointed already - all is well and we can relax. However, the above announcement by the Rebbe means that he needs a green light from us. Because Torah says, "There is no king without a people." And the Rebbe continues:

"The only mission which now remains is to actually greet and accept our righteous Moshiach, enabling him to fulfill his mission of actually taking all the Jewish people out of Exile."

Maimonides Code clearly states that King Moshiach is a descendant of King David who will restore the Davidic dynasty to its original state and the whole world will benefit from this. Moshiach and Redemption is the world wide phenomenon for all nations.

A quick look back at the ascension of King David to the throne sheds light on the Rebbe's instructions.

Although the Divinely-appointed David had already been anointed by Samuel the Prophet, he could not ascend the throne without the people's acceptance and consent. Maimonides writes that it was by virtue of being anointed that David merited the crown of kingship, but his complete reign was delayed for seven years because the people did not immediately accept him as a king.

King David's rule could not have been imposed from Above without the acceptance of the people from below. King David did not become king by showing signs and miracles; rather, it was General Avner Ben Ner, who traveled throughout the Land of Israel and encouraged the people to express their commitment and acceptance of the new king by the declaration: "Yechi Hamelech David - Long Live King David!"

That's why our request for Moshiach and the demand that he lead us is an integral part of and prerequisite for his revelation. But what will inspire a person to willingly accept the authority of another?

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It's not by chance, that lately there is an unprecedented interest in learning Kabala - the soul of the Torah and its inner, mystical, hidden dimension. Why now more then ever before?