Naked Truth

Truth walked about the town but everyone was too uncomfortable to look him in the eye. Wherever he went, people screamed and hurried away. Why? Because Truth was completely naked!

Along came Truth's friend - Parable, who said that if Truth wanted to be accepted, he would need to cover himself with clothing. Being a good friend, Parable gave Truth a suit so that people would be more comfortable in his presence.

For the above reason, the following truth, is also wearing a suit...

King without a Crown

There was once a great being known simply as The Designer. He was no ordinary being for he couldn't be seen, he couldn't be heard and he couldn't be touched.
What is more, he possessed knowledge of everything in existence - both the revealed and the secret. Being of great kindness, The Designer wanted to share all this knowledge with mankind but, since true joy comes from getting a reward rather than a gift, The Designer devised a plan whereby access to the secrets of creation had to be earned.

The Designer constructed a giant craft; large enough to house the people of the world. This craft was to carry them to a far away destination - a place known as
The Royal Garden.

The people on the craft were told that it was fueled in a very special way; every time a person uncovered another secret, the vessel traveled further towards its destination. Thus when ALL the secrets had been discovered (the true purpose of the journey having been accomplished), the travelers would be told they'd arrived and it was time to leave the vessel and enter the glorious Royal Garden. This had been The Designer's plan.

Now since the journey's length was to span many generations and those on board were at risk of losing sight of their original mission,The Designer selected one family and gave them a Guidebook to constantly remind everyone of their task. In each generation, one great but humble leader was selected from this family. And it was their job to guide the travelers on their journey.

After many generations, there came a Leader by the name of Mamash; a man not only exceptional in his wisdom but also in his ability to foresee the future. He cherished his role and never rested in his duty to guide the people. He worked tirelessly to prepare everyone to be the last generation on the vessel and the first generation to enter the Royal Garden.

Finally, the day arrived when with a lot of excitement, Mamash announced that all the secrets had been revealed and they were all soon to enter The Royal Garden. In reality, the whole "trip" had been an illusion. The journey full of challenges and trials had been a test of belief and trust in The Designer and the leader he appointed - Mamash.

Now The Designer wished for all the people to unite under Him by crowning Mamash as His royal representative. This would allow King Mamash to lead all the people out of the vessel and into the Royal Garden. But since a king can have no role without a people, Mamash could not carry out his royal duties without his subjects proclaiming "LONG LIVE KING MAMASH FOREVER AND EVER!"

Alas, the people could not adjust to the fact that their mission was over and continued the ways in which they'd been born and raised; scurrying around rather than embracing the huge changes that had taken place. Over and over, King Mamash urged the people to open their eyes and behold the Royal Garden right outside their windows.The Designer and his representative - King Mamash, yearned to give the people all the goodness in existence but they were not open to the wonder of the new world which lay within their reach.

Only steps away, was a world with no hunger or war, no pain or suffering and no jealousy or strife; a world that knew only happiness and joy and in which goodness and delight existed in abundance.

So King Mamash, had no choice but to step outside into the Royal Garden by himself. Instead of following their king, most of the people presumed that since Mamash entered the unfamiliar garden, he had no chance of surviving and they returned to their now needless search on the vessel.

The Designer and his royal representative - Mamash, are still waiting for the people of the world to wake up, open their eyes and coronate Mamash as their king. When will they see that to experience the New World, they simply need release their old expectations? It is time to celebrate with joyous singing, dancing and proclaim "LONG LIVE KING MAMASH FOREVER AND EVER!"

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Honk 4 Joy - King without a Crown
...The Designer and his royal representative - Mamash, are still waiting for the people of the world to wake up, open their eyes and coronate Mamash as their king...