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Every culture can relate to Messianic ideal, because The Torah says that the world was designed for The Messiah. From the beginning The Creator programmed the yearning for Messiah into the subconscious of every human being. If we tried to disregard the Messianic quest within ourselves, we would bottle up the most important aspect of our God given potential.

Since the time of the Maimonides (12th century), it has been impossible to discuss the subject of Messiah and the Era of the Redemption without direct reference to the last two chapters named "Laws of Kings" of his monumental and comprehensive work known as Maimonides Code:

"In that Era of Messiah there will be neither famine nor war, neither envy nor competition, for good things will flow in abundance and all the delicacies will be as freely available as dust. The occupation of the entire world will be solely to know God. The Jews will therefore be great sages and know the hidden matters, and will attain an understanding of their Creator to the full extent of mortal potential; as it is written: "For the world will be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the ocean bed."

Criteria For The Messiah's Identity

In order to avoid identifying the wrong man as the Messiah, Maimonides Code established criteria for the Messiah's identity:

"If a king arises from the House of David who meditates on the Torah (Bible), occupies himself with the commandments as did his ancestor King David, observes the commandments of the Written and Oral Law, prevails upon all Israel to walk in the way of the Torah and to follow its direction, and fights the wars of God, it may be assumed with assurance that he is the Messiah.

If he does these things and is fully successful, rebuilds the Third Temple on its location, and gathers the exiled Jews, he is beyond doubt the Messiah. But if he is not fully successful, or if he is killed, he is not the Messiah".

According to Maimonides, Messiah will have the power of prophecy even before The Redemption unfolds. In every generation there exists one righteous Jew who stands head and shoulders above everyone else, like Moses (first leader and redeemer) in his time, who stood "between God and you to relate to you the word of God." This righteous individual, designated in advance, will impart the prophecy of the coming Redemption and he will be revealed as The Messiah if his generation merits.

The Era of Messiah, which Maimonides is describing in his medieval manuscript, is on our doorstep, live and manifesting right in front of our eyes!

In his public address, The Lubavitcher Rebbe explicitly stated that his message of Messiah's coming was being uttered as a prophecy, and that all members of our generation were obligated to "hearken to his voice." The Rebbe based his talk on Maimonides' works and concluded with a practical directive:

"We must publicize to everyone in the generation that we have merited that God has chosen a person endowed with free choice, who is incomparably higher than the members of this generation, as the judge, counselor and prophet of the generation, to provide instruction and advice to all people.... including the essential prophecy - "Immediate Redemption!" and immediately in actuality "Behold! Here comes Messiah!"

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In order to avoid identifying the wrong man as the Messiah, Maimonides Code established criteria for the Messiah's identity.