No Fear - Redemption Here!

Today for the first time in history, mankind is acutely aware that it lacks a sense of purpose and this feels painful. It is no longer a secret that the world lacks direction, yet no one dares to address this fact.

Why in the first world countries with the best medicine, the greatest wealth and the most advanced levels of education do we also see the highest levels of teen suicide?

People sense that all we see around us is bereft of significance; it is empty materialism in a world of illusion. With increasing clarity, people are finding that even when we solve our problems, when we DO have money in the bank, when we DO have good health, when we HAVE bought the latest fashions, electronics, cars or holidays...we have nothing else to look forward to! Nothing we have will make everything feel ok! The world is physically full of unprecedented bounty, but spiritually? It is empty; completely empty!

Though everything is amazing, nobody feels happy....

Since the generation of the Tower of Babel was dispersed, humanity has yearned to return to a world with one true sovereign. The likelihood of this ideal being realized though, seems to lessen as time goes by. The irony is that now, more than ever, people are recognizing what their lives and the entire world is lacking: an ultimate goal! Life is no longer about finding individual solutions to individual personal problems. Despite having everything, everyone feels lacking. And the reason? The whole of existence is lacking Redemption!

When all people follow the Lubavitcher Rebbe's directive: to open our eyes and behold the redemption, already unfolding, we will not suddenly see a dismantling of the world as we know it. No, the biggest change we will see is a revelation of the Divine presence in our lives and in this world. When God is clearly welcomed and declared the true Master of the Universe, every person, place and thing will be illuminated by the Godliness that was in truth always present, albeit concealed.

When we behold true reality through the prophet's eyes, all of the wonders to be seen will be commonplace and a natural consequence of our new ability to fully behold Godliness. People may fear that the immediate Redemption will adversely affect their business or wealth but they need not be concerned. Not only will their assets all remain but their wealth will grow beyond recognition and even more importantly, will be used for good.
and crown the king!

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Honk 4 Joy: No Fear - Redemption Here!
Today for the first time in history, mankind is acutely aware that it lacks a sense of purpose and this feels painful.