One God, Seven Laws

God's Unity

There are no words to describe God's Essence, we can only metaphorically relate to His Attributes. The Universe is created through God's speech, as in: "Let there be light."

These letters and words of Divine speech must remain within all of Creation, constantly re-creating it anew. If the letters were to depart for even an instant, the Universe would return to absolute nothingness. Hence, the only true reality is God. Nothing truly exists besides God.

God's concealment is only from the perspective of Creation, from God's perspective, His Essence is always revealed everywhere. There is no place devoid of God.

Just as God was alone before the Creation of the Universe, so is G-d alone and without change after it was Created. Created beings live in the illusion that they possess an independent and tangible existence, enabling them to serve God with free choice and ultimately be rewarded for their service.

God is a perfect Unity without any composition or element of plurality at all.

God is not effected by any of the changes in the Universe.

Contemplation of the above will bring us to a love and awe of God, enabling us to cleave to Him with great joy.

The above lines are only a brief outline of the chapter "The Gate of Unity and Faith" from the holy book "Tania" written by the founder of Lubavitch dynasty the Alter Rebbe.

Seven Noachide Laws

Thousands of years of persecution have prevented The Jewish People from fulfilling their obligation to teach The Gentile world their portion of The Torah.

The time of our Freedom has arrived.

Connect directly to God, Receive all of God's blessings, & Bring harmony to our world, With The Laws of Noah:

1. Establish courts of justice in truth and sincerity

2. Prohibition of cursing God:

The Universe was created with Divine speech. Speech distinguishes humanity from all other living things, showing that the human being is closest to God and made in His image. Do not misuse this great gift to curse the One who granted it.

3. Prohibition of Idolatry:

Reject astrology, numerology, psychics, fortune tellers etc...Trust only God.

4. Prohibition of sexual immorality:

Adultery, homosexuality, incest...

5. Prohibition of murder

6. Prohibition of theft

7. Prohibition of eating flesh cut from a living animal:

e.g: The Torah considers an animal as dead only when all its limbs have stopped moving, in the busy world of today's slaughterhouses this is by no means always so.

These 7 Laws (category titles of which their particulars are many) were commanded by God, on Mount Sinai through Moses. A Gentile should not follow these laws because they are intellectually attractive, they must be followed because they were commanded by God through Moses at Mount Sinai.

They outline the ethical and moral responsibilities of Mankind, and guide man and woman to realise his and her highest potential as a being created in the image of God.

A Gentile who occupies him/herself with their portion of The Torah is rewarded like a Jewish High Priest.

Although not officially part of the 7 Laws of Noah, a Gentile should involve him/herself with acts of charity and goodness and kindness thus fulfilling their God given mission of civilizing the world and living The Redemption.

The number 7 is significant, the Torah tells us that all 7's are beloved, God gives these laws with love to the Gentiles who He loves.

We are inviting you, a finite being, to join the universal solution by contacting The Unlimited Source.

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