The Unique and Vital Role of Women

The miracles of the Jewish Festivals Chanukah and Purim took place through women, and the first day of each Jewish lunar month is marked as a holiday in recognition of the superior faith and trust in God and Moses that women have demonstrated throughout history.

The wives of the Patriarchs possessed a superior level of prophecy to that of their husbands.

Before the Redemption, the principal divine emanation originated in the masculine aspect of Godliness. Now that the Redemption has begun, we find the principal divine emanation is from the feminine aspect of Godliness.

We must all open our eyes to recognize and acknowledge the intrinsic spiritual superiority of women.

When God gave the Torah through Moses on Mount Sinai, it was presented first to the women, before the men. So too, women are being the first to receive the new dimension of the Torah which is being revealed now that the Redemption has commenced.

The Redemption is showcasing the great wisdom of women who will teach Torah to the Rabbis.

The exodus from Egypt and the everlasting Redemption did and are occurring in the merit of righteous women. The women in Egypt wholeheartedly trusted the words of Moses, when he announced that the Jewish people would be redeemed. Even whilst experiencing the pain of slavery, the women prepared tambourines with which to celebrate.

The Rebbe - King Messiah says: So too today, women certainly trust that they will immediately see the Redemption. This confidence imbues them with such a great joy that in these last moments of hardship, they should begin to sing, play music and dance for the complete Redemption.

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